Three-Dimensional Landscapes Made Of Maps By Ji Zhou

For the series ‘Civilized Landscape’, Chinese multimedia artist Ji Zhou creates whimsical landscapes made of maps and books. Zhou’s three-dimensional installations are sculpted from paper and feature mountainous panoramas as well as cityscapes. Living and working in Beijing, Zhou owns a degree in printmaking as well as painting. In a description about his work, it says on Klein Sun Gallery’s website: “Ji Zhou’s quiet observation of contemporary society is reflected in his object-based works, often rendered in photography or sculpture. […] Through this illustration of the world, Ji Zhou probes the use of human culture to understand and build the world that surrounds us.”

jizhou_art-01 jizhou_art-02 jizhou_art-03 jizhou_art-04 jizhou_art-05 jizhou_art-09 jizhou_art-08 jizhou_art-07 jizhou_art-06 jizhou_art-10

All images © Courtesy of Klein Sun Gallery