Photorealistic Paintings by Jantina Peperkamp

Jantina Peperkamp is a self-taught artist from Holland, painting incredibly realistic portraits. In her works the final result is established by the energy that arises between the artist and the model. Jantina Peperkamp rather sees herself as an observer who tries to recognize herself in her models to ultimately create a self-portrait.

Describing her creative process she explains: ‘A photo shoot takes place. After that a sketch is made, which is very detailed. I put this sketch on a wooden panel. The painting is made with very many thin layers of acrylic paint. Every layer is more detailed. The effect is a very realistic portrait with his own identity. The unusual way my work is cut out makes it even more recognizable. All the unnecessary is stripped of with the intention to maintain only the essential.’

All images © Jantina Peperkamp | Via: Feather Of Me