Julian and Jonathan


Sarah Mei Herman is fascinated by relationships between people. She is curious about what defines a relationship, the physical closeness between people or what sets them apart, and the necessity of this physical proximity to others. ‘The most fragile contact and elusive things between people often seem to exist beyond the reach of language.’

Throughout the last few years Sarah Mei Herman has been photographing her half-brother Jonathan, alone or together with his (and her) father. She is very interested in the ‘triangular’ relationship between the three of them, especially since her half-brother is twenty years younger than her. By photographing Julian she tries to approach their unusual sibling-relationship which she is part of at a physical distance. Her half-brother mirrors the memories of her childhood and her relationship with her father. The work is very much about herself, and ‘this part of my family, as well as the relationship between a relatively older father and his young child.’

All images © Sarah Mei Herman

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