Coney Island


We can almost sense the smell of salty sea water, sunscreen; hear the seagulls screaming and feel the hot sand underneath our feet.
The series ‘Coney Island’ is a kind of a homage of the masters award-winning educator, writer and street photographer, Michael Ernest Sweet, admires most.

He counts Weegee, Winogrand, Robert Frank, Harold Feinstein, to his favourite photographers that all have made the trek to Coney Island. He too wanted to photograph an iconic beach, yet he tried to do it differently from the other many times the beach had been depicted before. ‘I wanted to be unique in my approach. I didn’t want to be just a copycat.’ he tells us. He is happy how the project unfolded in the end and is very excited about the fact that his images ‘did indeed turn out to be different but yet familiar too’.

All images © Michael Ernest Sweet

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