Alexandra Citrin


Vibrancy, fun and quirkiness is what Alexandra Citrin’s work embodies, focusing on colour and shape over details to give a spontaneous, loose feel to her illustrations. She caught our eye with her absolutely superb project in which she illustrated some of the Paravion Press titles.

What we love about Alexandra’s style is how she’s not afraid to show of all her workings-out and genuinely beautiful sketches, which when pieced together tell a pleasing story of colour and they create characters immortalised on paper. So without further ado, here’s the woman herself to tell us a little about her own distinctive minimal yet highly expressive visual language – one definitely to watch!

How do you feel today?


How does your current workplace look like?


Describe your daily routine.


What’s your secret passion?


What’s your favorite dish?


Your latest genius purchase?


Who’s your childhood hero?


How do you picture us?


All images © Alexandra Citrin

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