Deserted Landscapes By Photographer Sam Irons


British photographer Sam Irons captures deserted landscapes around the world in the series ‘Grid Reference‘. The images, which range from vacant lots to empty urban landmarks, are typically composed in a minimal manner with pastel colours. In an earlier interview about his photography, Irons says, “My work focuses on the landscape in which we live, that often goes unremarked and overlooked, and attempts to defamiliarize it – hopefully touching on a little of the mystery inherent in everything around us.”

All images © Sam Irons

Sam Irons_Photography_1Sam Irons_Photography_2Sam Irons_Photography_5Sam Irons_Photography_6Sam Irons_Photography_3Sam Irons_Photography_4Sam Irons_Photography_9Sam Irons_Photography_7Sam Irons_Photography_8
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