Less Than < > More Than


Consisting of aircraft cable, metal chair frames, fluorescent light tubes, custom metal fixtures, electrical wire, and other materials, Jason Peters’ work ‘Less Than < > More Than’ refers to the act of working with multiples of common materials until they lose their individuality, ‘becoming a single, integrated entity that is significantly more than the sum of its parts’.

Brooklyn based Jason Peters creates site-specific installations in answer to the limitations and peculiarities of a certain space. ‘In the large-scale environment that Peters created for the Museum’s south gallery the original purpose of his commonly manufactured and found materials are almost obscured as they combine, expand and flow with a strange energy and appear to be unaffected by the force of gravity’. His installations are meant to intercept the conformed ways of thinking and seeing by presenting the viewer a physically substantial being that constantly reverberates between known reality and perceived reality as well as the common and the extraordinary, the relevant and the irrelevant.

All images © Jason Peters

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