Tatiana Blass’ Melting Sculptures


Brazilian artist Tatiana Blass integrates a variety of media in her masterpieces, including painting, sculpture, installation and video. Blass has been exhibiting regularly in art salons and studio shows in Brazil and abroad since 1998, when she started her career. Titled “Tails”, her installation from 2006 shows several wooden chairs and other sculptural objects that seem to melt into the ground. The art objects merge with the floor through additions of specifically cut lacquered wood or fiberglass. Blass works with pictorial sculptures of pieces of furniture and balls that extend into shapes with curving outlines. Solid forms pretend both brightly colored and woodgrain patterned liquid. The sculptures are spreading out on the floor as they were melting, in a transformation of the three-dimensional objects. The Brazilian artist is represented by Galeria Millan in Sao Paulo.

All images © Tatiana Blass

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