Nok Sung Hun


The House ‘Nok Sung Hun’ by Architects Iroje Kimhyoman is an unusual, angular piece of architecture that rests on an overlooking hill in GuMiDong, South Korea. The house consists out of two masses, the main house and the guesthouse.

The cosy outdoor space is located between these two spaces and dynamically interacts through an open wall, which functions as a picturesque frame and landscape formative element. The walls are made of zinc-plate and wood panel which makes them semi-opened. As a result of using the same materials inside and outside you get a feeling of vague bounderies between these two. In style of the surrounding mountains the inclined metal roofs spread dynamic and horizontally. The house with the name ‘Nok Sung Hun’, which means ‘The house thinking of future life with listening to the sound of nature’ is a convenient escape from the city, without leaving the city, with it’s lush trees, natural wood decking and plenty of beautiful arranged lights.

All images © Iroje Kimhyoman | Via: Architecture News Plus

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