casa murray


Projected and built by Diseño Espacial, Casa Murray is enclosed by irregular constructions, remains of imprecise divisions of lots that gave place to a narrow corridor, an easement that functions as the only access to the house. Much like building a ship in a bottle, the architects Diseño Espacial were challenged with constructing a house in a very dense area with only little space to escalate.

Without facade, without parking space, without a gas installation, solar collectors or a single spot where the street can be observed the house provides a highly intimate and private space, which serves its owner as a studio. It possesses an introspective design that doesn’t antagonize with the materiality of the surrounding buildings. In its interior, timber surfaces even out the harshness of the exterior’s concrete, using metallic profiles with black paint to articulate the constructive language of the house. These profiles conform the main bodies of stairs, screens and furniture, the latter partially built with residual construction materials. The project offers a certain dignity in a bedlam and busy part of Mexico City, and results in a quit and hidden workspace.

All images © Diseño Espacial | Via: MOCO LOCO

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