Concrete Church by NAMELESS Architecture


NAMELESS Architecture created ‘RW Concrete Church’ in Seoul, Korea. The first thing encountered upon entering the building is the empty concrete yard on the ground floor. This is a flexible space that acts as a venue for interaction with the community while also accommodating varying religious programs.
By the time you become accustomed to the dark as you walk past this empty yard, and climb the three stories of closed stairs, you come face to face with a space full of light. This interior space has a cantilever structure protruding 6.9m, and you must pass through this hall before entering the chapel. This cantilevered space is a physical as well as spiritual transition that connects daily life with religion.

The chapel creates a sense of peace with a single space, using a slope that is not so steep, evoking the feeling of attending a worship service on a low hill. The subdued light gleaming through the long and narrow clerestory embraces the entire chapel and lends vigor to the static space.

All images © Rohspace / NAMELESS

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