House K


The House K by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects is a duplex house in a quiet residential area in a suburb of Tokyo. The theme of this house is how to divide a home for two families. Therefore it is not simply divided in two family spaces, but consists of living space and supporting space.

The different spaces are connected by the corridor which gives an impression of outdoor space. It’s composed of three parts, on the slender site; wooden box, concrete box and the corridor which is connecting those two boxes. The wooden box has supporting space; kitchen, bathroom, stock, closet, while the concrete box has live space such as living room, dining room and bedroom. In respect of the structure, the heavy concrete box supports the light wooden box against horizontal force, earthquake and wind. The composition of two slender boxes sandwiching the corridor makes long distance like a labyrinth in the simple house. Therefore people are easily able to have some distance for their privacy.

All images © Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects

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