IGNANT X HAW-LIN X NO74 Release Recap


Yesterday we celebrated the release of our colaboration with Haw-lin and No74 and the opening of the T-shirt season at the same time. This year it seemed like we had to wait forever for the beginning of spring, all the more we enjoyed our get-together at No74 for some drinks and music by dt64.

Old friends and new faces mingled in and in front of the store and Nathan and Jacob, the designers of Haw-lin explained their concept behind the shirts more than once. The party went on as the doors of No74 were already closed and people enjoyed the first block party over some beers, talks and laughter. For us, the opening event was actually rather a closing event, as our wok started months ago, planing and setting up the co-op and we could not be happier with the feedback. Thanks to everybody who was involved.

Follow the link for more information about the T-Shirt and the co-op or get yourself one of the unique piece for 39 EUR here at the iGNANT Shop.

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