Top 12 DIY Basics


These days it is getting darker and colder outside and we spent more time in our home. Therefore we decided to select some DIY supplies for you that might give you some fresh ideas and inspirations what to do with all your indoor time.

We hope there is something suitable for you or your friends. Enjoy.

Origami Bird

At the rainy, gray days you might enjoy trying some origami works like this one. Purchase three Origami paper birds with a beautiful pattern. Place them in your home, in your plant or as a mobile.


Home Brewing Kit

This is the ultimate home brewing starter kit. Includes all the brew specific parts needed to complete a batch of your own beer. Simple in technique, you will only need to provide a 12 quart stock pot with lid, a stirring spoon and a small amount of priming sugar.


Herb Drying Rack

A small wooden rack to dry your favorite herbs at home. You can switch it easily from one place to another without drilling holes. Consisting of 2 magnetic wooden cubes and a wooden bar it can be attached on any iron or steel background. When the saison is over hang either small kitchen utensils or tea towels, or remove the bar from the cubes to put into the cubes things like pens, brushes, toiletries or whatever you like. The cubes also can be used to tag shopping lists or note cards. The rack is just perfect for small spaces.


Mini DIY Farmers’ Cheese Kit

Try a mini DIY Farmer’s Cheese Kit and enjoy fresh cheese in half an hour. If you’re looking to dip your toe in farm life or need several awesome little holiday gifts for co-workers or family, perhaps unique party favors for your wedding, or even a cool kid’s bday party boycott against candy goody bags- have we got a great deal for you.


Modern craft invitation

Sarah creates beautifully crafted personalized wedding invites. They are made of 100% cotton and recycled papers. Full-color digital printing with white ink printing or letterpress printing capabilities. It comes with a cardstock invitation with rounded corners, a cardstock RSVP, crafted envelopes with address printing as well as custom tag & black string belly band.


DIY Wildflower Guerrilla Gardening

This fun kit includes a ‘slinger’ and 10 seed bombs, so you can plant flowers anywhere you go. Intended for responsible adults to use with seed bombs only. Each seed bomb contains a mixture of easy-to-grow seeds for a showy flower garden. After all danger of frost has passed, just shoot a seed bomb with the enclosed slinger and watch it grow. The seed bomb will break upon impact with the ground, and rain will further disintegrate it. The red clay and worm castings in the seed bombs enrich the soil around the seeds, helping your flowers grow.


Coal popcorn

This black popcorn and black Hawaiian sea salt gift set makes for a deliciously fun holiday gift for all ages. The black pearl popcorn kernels range in color from jet black to a deep blue black. What we love about these kernels is that they will look burnt when you pop them – but they’re not. Once popped, each popcorn kernel will either be a soft white or a slight gray color, with dark black centers. The popcorn has a slightly nutty-flavor and soft crunch. Sprinkle with the black sea salt and you’re ready for movie night.


Wooden Lipstick Holder

DIY handmade wooden Lipstick Holder that is shaped like a slightly ascending tablet or tray with bevelled edges for an elegant and slender look. The Lipstick Organizer holds 8 lipsticks of various shapes and sizes – octagon-shaped, square-shaped and rounded lipsticks all fit in here. The back row features 8 right-slanting slots to store matching lip pencils. With this Lipstick Holder you are able to see what you have, and you won’t have to dig through a makeup bag anymore.


Make-Your-Own Business Card Stamp

With this custom made stamp you can create your own business cards. The stamp is approximately 2.5″ x 1″, perfect for a 3.5″ x 2″ blank business card.


Wood keychain

This keychain is a made with birch wood hand sanded and varnished about 3.5cm x 4.5cm with a stainless steel cable wire. A simple but elegant keychain. Painted geometric triangles in tones of baby pink, blue, grey, yellow, mint.


Bookbinding Kit

Try your very first do-it-yourself bookbinding. In the spirit of handmade wares and near-forgotten craft, this bookbinding kit not only offers a journal to fill with words and scribblings, but also teaches the art of hand bound bookbinding.


Hello Stamp

This stamp is perfect for project life, card making and other fun projects. It is shown stamped on a 3″x4″ card. Stamp measures 1.5″ x 1.5″ It is made of deep etched red rubber mounted on a maple hardwood block and stamped on top for easy identification.


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