With his ‘Projecto Nuvem’ Argentinean artist Eduardo Coimbra brought the sky down to the ground and made it possible for us to walk through clouds and interact directly with his sculptural installation. This is exactly what the multimedia artist, who studied engineering and architecture, actually aimed for: to provoke people right where they live, where they move.

His huge site-specific installations seem like a synthetic constructions of our reality. He says that his work is related to space in a broader sense, many times forcing the boundaries between interiors and exteriors of art spaces. The three-dimensional work of clouds and skies, both motives that are very present in his work, consists out of five square light boxes, each 4.7 meters high, iron, translucent canvas printing, fluorescent lamps, and mirrors. Mirrors, that reflect the light during daytime and illuminated boxes that mimic the brightness at nighttime.

All images © Leandro Bugni

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