Flickr Friday


Giddy – The diamond needle is spinning on long-play records, I stretch myself, folding thoughts, spinning at long-play records, the diamond needle caresses images on skin thoughts are spinning like long-play records da capo, da capo, pinch, pinch. One word too many: overweight. One word too few always means: being hungry.

Text by Anna Töws

Image © Goran Jovanovic

Image © Ben Evans

Image © Clara Canepa

Image © Yang Du

Image © Vadim Melnikov

Image © Julie Lansom

Image © Seren Coşkun

Image © Sonya Kozlova

Image © momomi

fudbalVon BME.Clara CanepaSeatorybaptist.julie.lansomSeren Coşkunsonya kozlovamomomi_aloha_garden
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