Yeonsoo’s world by Hye-Ryoung Min


Hye-Ryoung Min is an up and coming photographer hailing from Korea. In Korea they have a saying: ‘naughty 7 years old’. Realizing that there was a real interest in the secretive seven year old girl world, Hye-Ryoung resolved to take pictures of one.

So, she started photographing her niece, Yeonsoo and the authenticity of her project brought her much-deserved success, naturally. She describes the whole process as a fragile journey to the life of a most unpredictable and sensitive child, into her relationship with those around her – although they remain unseen in the photographs – and also to her own childhood. In other words, Min’s images reflect time beyond the moments captured in the pictures. The works of hers struck us the first time we looked at them, and they have only grown since.

All images © Hye-Ryoung Min

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