A Day With Luc Lagasquie


It’s no secret that we enjoy the great outdoors and we are certainly smitten with all the amazing travel photographers out there, documenting their trips in amazing pictures that evoke our Wanderlust.
When talking about travel photographers, one has to include French-born Luc Lagasquie, an adventurer, outdoor lover and photographer based in New Zealand, traveling the world. He has been shooting for more then 10 years by now and has seen many remote places and amazing landscapes on four different continents.

One of his latest trips was to Putangirua Pinnacles, a spectacular landscape feature in the southern Wairarapa in New Zealand together with his friends and fellow photographer Julien Pelletier aka @buchowski and Romain Leclerc, a videographer known as @nvmero. We followed them for one day through the amazing landscape formations for our 24 Hours series. You should also check out Luc Lagasquie’s Instagram and Blog.

[11am] After a two hours drive from Wellington, we finally arrive at the Putangirua Pinnacles. It is a very unusual rock formation that has been shaped for millions of years by the rain.

[1pm] We enjoy our picnic with quite an extraordinary view, after climbing up the very narrow and slippery corridors of the Pinnacles. Going down is almost like sliding on snow.

[2pm] On our way to the next destination, we stop the car on the roadside to take some pictures of the landscape that are surrounding us. Twenty seconds after crossing one of the fences, a 4×4 stops and an old woman starts yelling: “get out of my fucking private property!”. Hard to believe someone can own such a place.

[2:30pm] We arrive at the Cape Palliser lighthouse and decide to climb up the mountain standing behind it to get some original point of views.

[3:30pm] On the way back, we randomly discover a beautiful hidden seal colony. Romain is attacked by one of the seals, trying to get a picture of it.

[5pm] Time to go back home, we’ve got a long drive in front of us. Nevertheless when you are in such a fantastic place, you can’t resist the usual road shoot. Julien faces it with an incredible determination.

All images © Luc Lagasquie

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