Romantic Portraits by Teresa Queirós


Portuguese photographer Teresa Queirós creates tender and romantic portraits on film. She uses her analogue camera to capture sensitive moments filled with natural light and beautiful details. Her technique gives her subjects a certain glow that makes us realize once more how fleeting and precious every moment is. You can find more of her work on her Blog, Flickr and Facebook.

All images © Teresa Queirós

Teresa Queirós_Photography_01Teresa Queirós_Photography_02Teresa Queirós_Photography_03Teresa Queirós_Photography_04Teresa Queirós_Photography_05Teresa Queirós_Photography_06Teresa Queirós_Photography_07Teresa Queirós_Photography_08Teresa Queirós_Photography_09Teresa Queirós_Photography_10Teresa Queirós_Photography_11Teresa Queirós_Photography_12Teresa Queirós_Photography_13Teresa Queirós_Photography_14Teresa Queirós_Photography_15Teresa Queirós_Photography_16Teresa Queirós_Photography_17
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