Portable River


‘Luzinterruptus’ is an anonymous artistic group from Madrid arranging urban interventions in public spaces. Their latest project named ‘Portable River’ took place in Caracas at the ‘In the Middle of Street’, an urban festival that celebrates public space as a place of peaceful coexistence.

For this piece they filled 2.000 transparent and illuminated bags, including a small, ephemeral aquarium. They packed them and laid them at rest in contrary to the water flooded streets when raining. For one night people stopped by, sat down and admired the beauty. Their aim was to make people think about the value of this element and to bring it closer to the citizens, especially in big cities. At the end of the night bystanders could carry away the illuminated ecosystems, converting the still river into a quickly circulation around the city. Carrying the water bags like sacks of money and in the course of the current disscusion about the privatization water, it’s an even more urgent topic.

All images © Gustavo Sanabria | Via: CollabCubed

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