Whimsical Vintage Collages By Ania Cywinska


Polish artist and photographer Ania Cywinska creates whimsical collages by combining graphic elements with vintage imagery. From landscape photo mashups to images with a celestial atmosphere, her work evokes both playfulness and a dreamy feeling. In addition to exploring the world of collages, Cywinska works as a fashion and portrait photographer in Poznan, Poland.

All images © Ania Cywinska

Ania Cwinska_Art_1Pike's Peak From the Garden of the Gods, ca. 1880Ania Cwinska_Art_3Ania Cwinska_Art_4Ania Cwinska_Art_5.5Ania Cwinska_Art_5Ania Cwinska_Art_6Ania Cwinska_Art_7
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