Dmitri Obergfell


In his practice, Dmitri Obergfell is interested in exploring relationship between materials and ideas to comment on human experience. He is using commercially produced objects as a vernacular because of the viewer’s familiarity to the manufactured objects and relation to the everyday experience.

The relationship that people have with objects serves as an access point to the work and a way to relate on a ‘personal’ level. He would like the viewer to have an experience that temporarily removes them from their ego and lets them consider a broader sense of being, a more social or collective experience. Dmitri is inpired by contemporary perspectives and/or approaches to the world we live in and our relation to histories. He says: ‘I spend a good portion of time absorbing information and passively observing what’s around me. I consider my inspiration to be like osmosis. I prefer to keep it undefined as a way to keep my inspiration from becoming formulaic and stale.’

Statues also Die

Infinite Ladder

Together At Last

The Embodiment of Loss and Desire


All images © Dmitri Obergfell

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