Meghan Howland


Meghan Howland, born in 1985 in Massachusetts lives and works as a young artist in Portland. With her paintings she takes the viewer into a fairytale-like, seemingly dark and beautiful world where she leaves him purposely to his own thoughts without telling an explicit story. Her work mostly shows people or objects she is constantly sourrounded by.

The recurring bird image serves her as a kind of a personal mascot in the beginning, in combination with the rather quiet portraits the birds act more as a ‘perplexing embrace’ than an unsettling element of distraction. Howland however is less concerned about telling her own story than letting the observer dive into his own imagination and take away his very own story and mood. Asked about her take on her work, she replies: ‘I think the important thing about my art to me is it’s way of communicating without so many words or explanations. There is a power in that.’

All images © Meghan Howland

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