Find Momo


We all know the childrens game ‘Where is Waldo’ and I played it excessively when I was young. Now there’s a new Waldo on the internet and his name is Momo. Momo is the 5 year old border collie of Ontario-based graphic designer Andrew Knapp who is always hiding behind things when fetching sticks on their morning walks.

The project borrows a lot of Knapps everyday life, but interestingly games have always been a waste of time for Knapp. On the one hand he feels bad, when someone tells him they’ve been spending all morning looking for Momo, when their morning could have been productive and fruitful, but on the other hand, it urges him to create even more beautiful scenes for Momo to hide in. More hide and seek adventures of Momo on Go Find Momo. Can you spot him?

All images © Andrew Knapp | Via: Hypenotice

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