New Botanicals


The recent project ‘New Botanicals’ of Seattle based photographer William Rugen is an homage and graphical update to the classic botanical prints from the 18th and 19th century.

For him there is a great cross-pollination of art and biology in those prints that he wanted to somehow capture. In this series he tries to find a balance between the grace of the visible plant and the mechanics of its growth engine, the roots. In his words: ‘I like the idea that this amazing object could not exist without the inelegant tangle that is just out of sight. It is a reminder that everything of beauty or value requires a certain amount ‘ugliness’ to come to fruition’. Strong in composition and color, I really like this series as it reminds me of my school days, because I always had a preference for scientific illustrations in my biology books.

All images © William Rugen | Via: feature shoot

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