Klaus Lichtenegger


Klaus Lichtenegger is a designer, a sculptor, an artist, and most of all a craftsman. Originally from Austria he is now living and working in Tuscany ‘because it is beautiful’ as he states with his charming Austrian accent. Lichtenegger creates unique pieces out of leather, wood, metal and other carefully selected materials.

When listening to his story you can feel his passion and love for creating, for materials and the process of doing something with his hands. It is the material that inspires him, merging with a profound understanding of its processing and its possibilities as well as a clear vision of the final product. Lichtenegger’s design is rather minimalistic but still full of possibilities. He tries to avoid traditional thinking and leads his thoughts onto new pathways, creating a rather intuitive functionality. It is of great importance for him to design his products in a way that they’ll become more and more beautiful by time and usage. Each piece should tell its own story and alter with its owner. Creating something with his hands is both, his greatest desire and pleasure.

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