Flickr Friday


Today we have a little something for you: we teamed up with writer Anna Töws for the upcoming Flickr Fridays. She creates beautiful, thoughtful texts and some of you might already know her from our Work in Progress category. Thank you and have fun!

Swarm – When the summer is sleeping, I marvel at the night, cutting reality out of colourful sheets, folding thoughts into tiny little snowflakes, like origami I choke on your glimpse. Longing does glance keenly round the corner, look, the sun is switched on and spreads cobalt blue patterns.

Image © Can Sever

Image © hasisi park

Image © Dmitry Anisimov

Image © Francesco Palu

Image © Aëla Labbé

Image © Eljay Ure

Image © Jovan Todorovic

Image © Thomas van der Zaag

Can Severhasisi parkDmitry AnisimovFRANCESCO•PALU'Aëla LabbéUre.EljayJovan Todorovic1Thomas van der Zaag
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