Freulein Anna & Žiga Tomori


Since I’ve read or rather absorbed Anna’s ‘Letters to the Cowboy’ I am a huge fan of hers and was really looking forward meeting her and her roommate and illustrator Žiga Tomori. I was curious who would be the personalities behind the wonderful poetical words and the impulsive illustrations and had a really nice and laid-back afternoon with the two of them.

Žiga is originally from Slovenia but moved to Berlin three years ago ‘to be free’, he stated. He pays his rent working in a call center but his true passion is drawing, being creative and live differently. In school he was ‘ultra lazy’, started drawing instead and developed his unique and honest style. He studied industrial design, his father is, like a lot of his family members, an architect. Žiga himself is working on houses as well just with a little different approach. He is inventing castles, palaces, dream houses, old and new, intact and run down. For him they are expression of his inner self as a reflection of his emotions. Thus he can sit on his desk drawing for hours, loosing himself in the process of filling out lines and forms, constantly working on his sketches. Žiga is working as a freelance illustrator, focusing on drawings, Graphic Design and illustrations and is publishing projects on his blog at ARTiBERLIN. He met Anna through a casting for a roommate and after talking over a cup of coffee for several hours, Anna asked him to move in with her.
Freulein Anna is currently working as an assistant director in a theater. She already tried a lot of different things ‘actually I am writing but I don’t earn money with it’ she states. Art, music and German philology is what she studied and she always worked journalistic at the side. It took a her a while before she came out with her own texts but one day she gathered them to create her own website. What was a huge step for her, being always rahter shy about her work, brought at least as much pleasure to so many others. Smiling, laughing, having tears in the eyes and empathizing; the range of emotions caused by her beautiful texts is wide. The reactions on her work was very good and today she is also writing her ‘Cowboy Letters’ for ARTiBERLIN. The Cowboy – originally a young man – is always with her, in her room, in her texts, in her life and became meanwhile rather a part of herself. Friend and confidant, enemy, consultant, conscience and cronies, the Cowboy is everything at once. In the future Anna would like to write a book, containing short stories and letters and I’ll be the first one buying it!

Text & pictures by Caroline Kurze

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