Bobby Doherty


Bobby Doherty is a 23 years old kid with a good eye on candid photography. He lives and studies in Brooklyn, New York. We already featured him a few years ago. Foremost, he would like us to think that his compositions and their bursting sensations were somehow the outcome of something more than just not forgetting to bring his camera with him.

Then, it feels like he takes these photos in an effort to perceive life the way he wants. To be more precise, while he is taking the photo, he is also building the evidence by just simply forgetting the details of that particular day, which was not worth the cost of film and the whole processing. He constantly imagines himself forty years from now looking back on these photos and only thinking, ‘what a bunch of bullshit.’ And he will be the only one thinking that none of this is true. However in the present time, how could any of it ever be false or unrealistic? But yet again who knows?

All images © Bobby Doherty

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