Deenesh Ghyczy


For ‘Work in Progress’ we met painter Deenesh Ghyczy in his studio in Berlin. His father is from Hungary, which brought him an almost unpronounceable name at least for most german tongues. His mother is German. He always loved paiting, as he tells us, he went to the Art Academy in Amsterdam, lived in Budapest and Brussels before he came to Berlin.

Deenesh lives in Berlin for about seven years now, painting, working in his studio, displaying his art. For Deenesh art can be anything, it is about freedom, beauty and truth. He developed a very characteristic style, drawing people, fragmented as if you would see them through a glass panel. In his paintings he wants to display the true character of a person. You’ll always see his motif in a very characteristic surrounding, trying to evoke a dialogue with the viewer. Usually Deenesh has a very personal relationship with the people shown in his works. He combines different pictures from various angles to one larger image, making the truth between the lines visible.

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Text & pictures by Caroline Kurze

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