Cheslo is a Leipzig-based illustrator and musican. Ever since he can remember his favorite activity was drawing. He tells us he is very emphatic with his illustration characters and the same applies to music. Cheslo started his musical progress with flute and piano, later Atari with cubase, the music sequencer QY70 by Yamaha, Mac with Reason and now Ableton Live.

His main inspiration was the east german radio station ‘dt64’, especially the electronic music radio show ‘Stunde Null’. Together with a friend he started an electronic live music project named ‘boytalk’. To get to know him a bit better, we asked Cheslo nine questions that he replied with drawings. Check it out.

How does your current workplace look like?

How do you feel today?

Describe your daily routine.

What’s your secret passion?

What’s your favorite dish?

Your latest genius idea/purchase?

How does the source of inspiration look like?

Who’s your childhood hero?

How do you picture us?

All images © Cheslo

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