Hidden Self Portraits


This self portrait series by Delaney Allen make an unusual not very traditional approach to portraits. Delaney never reveals his face, camouflages with different fabrics, hiding behind bubble gum or banana and blurred pictures which make us curious to reveal what is hidden behind.

Delaney started taking these photographs in 2011, some of the shots are very thoughtful, nicely prepared in color and composition, others are just randomly made on the spot. He was fascinated by how they can relate at once to both pattern and design and become almost a sculptural element. Normally we like to identify ourselves with others, creating our self-conciousness. As Delaney says ‘We tend to identify ourselves through others- I am her son, their friend, his girlfriend. But how do we find ourselves when we are alone?’ Reveailing through concealing. Confusion and Loneliness. He took the identity from the photograph but still, his photographs seem immanently personal.

All images © Delaney Allen | Via: Trendland

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