Flickr Friday


Green Thursday – Wanted to stay neither wanted I you’re leaving. Thoughts through streets (cleaned, aha), running- this time running (not tripping)- I can’t trip everytime as if I were drunk (or lame). A stream of longing runs with me, filling the cracks like pasty bitumen- earth pitch-pitch black, bad luck – too bad too bad dear bad luck -not more not less- is that not enough.

Text by Anna Töws

Image © Ciorania

Image © Zia

Image © Susu Lc

Image © Carol Persons

Image © Sayaka Minemura

Image © Manbo Key

Image © Andreas Jakwerth

Image © Marina Lovato

Ciorania1♫zia1iamyangsusu1Carol Persons1bamsesayaka1Manbo Key 阿嬤愛曼波1AndreasJakwerthMarina Lovato1
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