Rain activated Art


On a brick wall of an abandoned synagogue in Hartford, Connecticut, a huge tree painting is growing with the rain and vanishing with the sun. This art project by artist Adam Niklewicz has officially opened last month.

The 30 x 45 feet work is installed on a large brick wall and can be described as a water-activated mural. In it, a tree emerges from a seemingly blank wall after it is sprinkled with water. The image blends back when the wall dries up. The oak tree is a symbol of American Independence and the image comes from a famous painting called ‘The Charter Oak’ by Charles DeWolf Brownell. Niklewicz says: ‘Public art should embrace the existing environment and work to enrich reality. The blank slate of the downtown building invited a visual that gives counterbalance (nature) and meaning (historical context)’.

All images © Erika Van Natta | Via: Visual News

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