Bertjan Pot’s Jolly Masks

Jolly Masks
Studio Bertjan Pot

Most of Bertjan Pot’s experiments begin on the impulse of a certain curiosity, working with various manufacturers to explore the possibilities and push the limits. The ‘Masks’ series of the Dutch designer was initially the result of a materials experiment that started out in 2010, and has become an ongoing project. The idea was created by originally making a carpet, realizing that once the textile assembled, curves and shapes can be formed. The possibilities designing various masks are endless, using rope with bright colors that create extraordinary patterns. Each mask has its own color palette and style, some are more human, others are more animal, and some are very abstract. The handcrafted masks have both fetishistic and frightening connotations, seeming to tell stories. Studio Bertjan Pot works with manufacturers such as Arco, Established & Sons, Feld, Gelderland, Montis, Moooi and Nike.

All images © Studio Bertjan Pot

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