Abandoned Paintings


Hungarian Fine Art Student Bence Hajdu has re-edited some of the most famous paintings like ‘The last supper’ by Leonardo da Vinci or Jacques-Louis David’s ‘Oath of the Horatii’ by erasing the main characters out of the painting.

The idea came from his descriptive geometry classes, where the task was to find and draw the perspective and horizon lines of renaissance and other pictures. Instead of just drawing lines, he decided to examine how the painter really created the perspective space and how it actually looks. He states: ‘After a while I found myself interested in the new atmosphere and the new thoughts the retouched pieces generated without their main subjects.’ Thereby we are left alone with just the architectural surroundings and perspectives, which transforms the whole perception and spirit of the painting. It shifts the attention to a totally new perspective and understanding of the painting and leaves it quite and still, without the battles, tension, movement and action. Do you recognize the works of the old masters?

All images © Bence Hajdu | Via: Designboom

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