Yarisal & Kublitz

Creative Duo Yarisal & Kublitz is known for their often humorous, imaginative works, layering poetic phrases or gestures with poignant, often absurd imagery. Their ideas use a simple, yet provoking langue, creating sculptures that play with metaphors of material, sexual and spiritual desire. As the works by Yarisal & Kublitz effortlessly embrace the sacred and the profane, humour and pathos they evoke universal feelings of belief, hope, desire, longing, and obsession, they address something ultimately primeval in us in their weird physical manifestations.


Unheimlich in L.A.

Unheimlich in L.A. (detail)


If God decides to stop by, he smokes Gitanes


Domestication (detail)


Fuck it

Lemon incest

Doubter II

All images © Yarisal & Kublitz | Via: Gerhard Sengerner