Time is a Dimension


The beauty of photography, and the same reason the medium is famous for, is freezing time. It gives us the chance to more or less freeze and pull a moment out of it’s context, and make it possible to look at one particular moment again and again, feeding you visual memory. And yet it is nearly impossible to visualize time itself in a photograph.

Singapore based photographer, Fong Qi Wei , managed to do so though. By layering different photos of the same spot he shot within 2 to 4 hours, mostly during sunrise or sunset, he creates sequences of time captured in one image.

All images © Fong Qi Wei

Changi Beach Sunrise 02, 2013Chinatown Sunset, 2013National Day Preview 2013. All Rights Reserved,Changi Beach Sunset, 2013. All Rights Reserved.National Day Preview 01, 2013. All Rights Reserved.
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