Insta Fav #61: Andrew Zonzini


Italien Illustrator and graphic designer Andrew Zonzini aka @perrycolante is our Insta Fav of the week. He creates fun and colorful images that often involve graphical elements that he designed himself. He’s playing a lot with colors and simplicity. Zonzini explains: “Many people think that the illustrations are added afterwards on the computer, but that is not what I do. I do like the idea that the final result might seem a digital graphical composition, because it means that I managed to render a photograph as a sort of comic strip through my compositions.”

Follow: @perrycolante

If you’d like to become a future ‘Insta Fav’, follow @ignant. We’ll look into it.

Andrew Zonzini_Instagram01Andrew Zonzini_Instagram02Andrew Zonzini_Instagram03Andrew Zonzini_Instagram04Andrew Zonzini_Instagram05Andrew Zonzini_Instagram06Andrew Zonzini_Instagram07Andrew Zonzini_Instagram08
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