INSTA FAVS #28: Emily Call


Our Insta Fav#28 is Emily Jane Call, a twenty year old art student at Weber State University in the States. She always felt passionate about photography and had some sort of camera on her at all times from an early age. As she tells us, she belives that this was generated by the ever growing fear of forgetting.

She is intrigued by capturing moments of time that could be proof to her some odd years later that that segment of time and energy actually existed. As she grew older, she pursued photography not only as a memory saver but as an art and something meaningful. Currently her main interest is the concept of insecurity and a sort of hiding-from-the-world type theme. Despite this dark concept, her approach seems light-hearted and humorous. Emily aims to entertain her viewers by presenting them with an image that leaves them questioning, interested, and possibly smiling.

Follow: @emilycall

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