Architect Michail Georgiou Re-Imagines A Greek Orthodox Chapel


Greek architect Michail Georgiou fused two forms typical of Byzantine church architecture to create an unusual-looking Greek Orthodox chapel. Located in Paphos, a city on the coast of Cyprus, the Apostle Peter and St. Helen the Martyr Chapel stands out with its extraordinary appearance. In a statement about the work, Georgiou says, “Morphologically, it is inspired by the local orthodox ecclesiastical architecture, while, through a series of innovative building methods and materials, it presents a contemporary example.”

All images © Charis Solomou

Chapel by Michail GeorgiouArchitecture_Michail-Georgiou_2Architecture_Michail-Georgiou_3Architecture_Michail-Georgiou_4Architecture_Michail-Georgiou_5Architecture_Michail-Georgiou_6Architecture_Michail-Georgiou_7Architecture_Michail-Georgiou_8Architecture_Michail-Georgiou_9
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