Widescreen House


R-Zero Architects have completed ‘Widescreen House’, a single family dwelling perched upon a hill in Jiutepec de Morelos, Mexico. The house is currently used for summer getaways, the structure will become the inhabitant’s permanent home where he will enjoy his retirement. A dominant black granite partition divides two concrete volumes, separating the private and common areas. The kitchen, dining and living spaces spill into a partially covered terrace. On the other side of the divider are the master bedroom, other bedrooms and guest areas. The concrete frame around the window wall creates shade while the ventilation system generates cross breezes to cool the interior, eliminating the need for air conditioning. Positioned in the yard between the residence and the sweeping vistas of the city of Cuernavaca, a linear lap pool frames the dweller’s view.

All images © Pedro Iriart | Via: designboom

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