Insta Favs #01: Dabito


Instagram is one of our favorite applications when it comes to making snapshots of your everyday life and share them with others. The App is for free and is offering plenty of possibilities to finish your pictures by using different filter options for example. In Insta Favs we are showing our best-of, starting with #01: @dabito.

Dabito is a freelance graphic designer also working in photography and styling. Besides he is running a blog called ‘Old Brand New’ which is about photography, thrifting, good tunes, interiors, yummy food, prints, just about anything creative and fun. Dabito is born and raised in Los Angeles, lived in Hong Kong and Santa Cruz for a few years before he returned to LA where he lived and worked since. He is using Instagram mainly to see what his favorite designers, photographers, and other artists are up to and he enjoys the idea of a huge community of creative people taking awesome photos. He is using Instagram to connect with old and new friends and in his opinion any app driving people to keep snapping photos is pretty awesome.

Follow: @dabito

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