Top 10 Recycled Home Accessories


While a few decades ago it was perfectly normal to just fix broken belongings of any kind, today it’s common to just throw them in the trash, also because it is often not even possible to get your stuff fixed anymore. So most of the rubbish we throw out gets piled up somewhere where we just don’t have to look at it everyday.

To improve this situation, we’d wish for more considerate concepts in design, architecture and recycling. There are already some people thinking in the right direction, so we’ve collected our ‘Top 10 Recycled Home Accessories’ below. Enjoy and feel invited to share more recycling concepts in the comments below.


Usually these tubes are buried deeply under the earth. But now they have been transformed into a surprisingly cozy light. The piece has been designed by Studio Vincent. You can get it for €169 over at 1ofa100.



A great piece when it comes to bringing everyday objects to a new use, the Hommage Au Vélo collection by neoncolour. The designer Sebastian Donath uses old bike parts, to create unique furniture pieces. The clothes rack Hugo (named after Tour de France Winner Hugo Koblet in 1951) can be purchased for € 779.90 here.



Creative platform 1ofa100 also offers this Towelhanger in a green limited edition that has been designed by Peppermint Products of Germany. It fits in any EU power socket and don’t worry, it’s securely insulated and does not withdraw any electricity.



The table lamp Dama is designed by Tom Allen. Made from upcycled, recyclable and sustainably certified materials, it is made from a 5 litre glass vessel (commonly used for storing wine or oil in Italy). You can easily remove the glass ‘lampshade’ with the original handle, which makes cleaning an easy process. The lamp is entirely handmade in Barcelona with the highest attention to detail and craftmanship, using a low energy lightbulb. Get it here.



This cabinet uses NewspaperWood as constructive parts in dialogue with a ‘normal’ wood construction. rENs designed the piece in cooperation with Vij5 who specialized in creating products made of recycled newspapers. You can find retailers here.



This little planter is made with stacked cardboard, it can also be used as a small container or penholder. You can order it in white, grey or brown for € 14.55 here.



This clever piece uses a regular packing case you’ll get at any supermarket to create a beautiful side table. Wolfram Behrend of Büro für Formentwicklung designed the furniture that you can simply put together without any screws or glue. It’s available for € 59.00 here.



This collection of eco-friendly candle stands are made from waste pallets. They come in a set of three in 3 different heights and with 3 black candles. You can get them here.



Giving & Living creates unique rubber baskets and pots that are made of used tires in the Middle East. The pieces are handmade in low quantities and sold for an affordable price here.



This piece uses the molding of a branch to create a beautiful hook for your corridor. It has been designed by Lokolo, a Berlin-based design community that works with local suppliers to create sustainable everyday objects. Get it for € 48 here.


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