Window Chair By Thomas Medicus

In this project by Thomas Medicus a traditionally crafted lead light window is liberated from it’s regular surrounding to then be re-contextualized: A transformation into a translucent chair is brought about by the adding of one fold and four feet. That connection between an everyday object and lead light opens a new perspective on a seemingly out-of-date craft. Through the metal structure and laminated safety glass on top of each section, it is possible to sit on the the chair.

2017-04-25_58feefa47e8ae_DSC_0623.jpg 2017-04-25_58feefa47e822_DSC_0583.jpg 2017-04-25_58feefa47e9d7_DSC_0654.jpg 2017-04-25_58feefa47e949_DSC_0627.jpg 2017-04-25_58feefa47ea45_DSC_0712.jpg