The Shadow´s Thirst By Alex Muriana

“The Shadow´s Thirst is a visual documentation of the ongoing desertification process in Eastern Andalusia. Eastern Andalusia is one of the areas with the highest risk of desertification in the Iberian Peninsula. Water is already a scarce commodity. Technical progress has ensured that drinking water continues to supply households but human activity and its uncontrolled exploitation of aquifers and wells has accelerated a process of irreversible desertification in which rainfall is increasingly scarce and harmful. The Shadow´s Thirst is a project in which the landscape is the protagonist. Jaén, Granada and Almería are the provinces that form the eastern triangle of Andalusia. This is where the desertification process is most visible.”

2017-01-17_587e56cadd95d_01.theshadowsthirst.alexmuriana.jpg 2017-01-17_587e56cadd9c8_02.theshadowsthirst.alexmuriana.jpg 2017-01-17_587e56cadda2c_03theshadowsthirst.alexmuriana.jpg 2017-01-17_587e56cadda8d_04theshadowsthirst.alexmuriana.jpg 2017-01-17_587e56caddaeb_05theshadowsthirst.alexmuriana.jpg 2017-01-17_587e56caddb49_06theshadowsthirst.alexmuriana.jpg