Not Finished (Getting There)

“Not Finished (Getting There) is a site-specific guerrilla installation during a pause in construction around the New Year. A window in an existing house, still in its early stages, was temporarily transformed into a space where people could gather and reflect on their past and future selves.”

2017-01-18_587edb20949b4_notfinished_01.png 2017-01-18_587edb2094a1f_notfinished_02.png 2017-01-18_587edb2094a81_notfinished_03.png 2017-01-18_587edb2094ae2_notfinished_04.png 2017-01-18_587edb2094b41_notfinished_05.png 2017-01-18_587edb2094b9f_notfinished_06.png