The Pop Up Box by DIA

The ‘Pop Up Box’ by Dittel Architekten is a versatile piece of design, finding first use in the mall of the Gerber shopping centre in Stuttgart. As convertible retail space, it offers retailers and exhibitors a customizable presentation area. It’s a system that is self-contained, an out-of-the-box solution. Technology, utility and design are coming together in a cube.

2017-04-27_5901f6657b252_pop-up-box_670x419px_01.jpg 2017-04-27_5901f6657b328_pop-up-box_670x419px_03.jpg 2017-04-27_5901f6657b2c1_pop-up-box_670x419px_02.jpg 2017-04-27_5901f6657b38e_pop-up-box_670x419px_04.jpg 2017-04-27_5901f6657b3ef_pop-up-box_670x419px_05.jpg 2017-04-27_5901f6657b450_pop-up-box_670x419px_06.jpg