Ornament By Maria Chiara Montesi

In this photographic project ‘Ornament’ by Maria Chiara Montesi the photographer takes the human figure and fits it with the surrounding environment. Creating a camouflage with objects and the room, so that the body becomes an object of the house without a soul.

2017-04-22_58fb17f453242__MG_1970.jpg 2017-04-22_58fb17f4531cb__MG_1952.jpg 2017-04-22_58fb17f453375__MG_2068.jpg 2017-04-22_58fb17f453312__MG_2060.jpg 2017-04-22_58fb17f4532ae__MG_2027.jpg 2017-04-22_58fb17f4533d5__MG_2075.jpg