Planetary Bowls

Planetary bowls are tactile glass bowls crafted from free blown glass. The spinning bowls create a hypnotic pleasure that is only happening in the “here and now” as if watching the clouds move in the sky. The glass objects keep track of an approximate amount of time while spinning, transforming them into a temporary pleasure of the moment. As the bowls are spinning the entire body of glass visually fills up with opaque pastel colours that are melted together during the blowing process. Thick clear glass walls create a constantly changing optical quality for the colours that make up the inside of the form. The sculptural bowls are an exploration on how glass is formed layer by layer during the blowing process and mimic layers of atmosphere of a planet. The bowls are created in different sizes and colour patterns that are only semi-controlled in the process creating unique pieces every time to create a vaporous colour visual.
Photos by Mari Mäkio 2015

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